Reinventing Business Card

Reinventing Personal Branding

Reinventing You


We are Rekomine, our existence are to build application projects named Rekomine. It’s purpose is for everyone to show themselves through their profession by using digital business card.

“What is our goal ?”

Rekomine is a concept founded at 2014 it’s initial purpose is to help people to show themselves through a website which we built by the two founder of Rekomine, it’s initial name was RekomSDM. Then at 2016 the concept grew from just a simple website to a concept of professional social media that is capable to recommend one’s profession to other people of the social media’s communities, then the name changed into Rekomine. But the concept didn’t hold for long.
We then tried to fix the concept of “Personal Branding” so that every user of Rekomine application can really promote themselves through a digital business card that has portfolios. Those whole idea then packaged into an Android application that will be launched at 2017 mid.

“What we do ?”

We are working on this project to solve problems about how should people build their porfolio or to show what each of them are capable of. So many people are not aware of how important their works are, we thought that even a single staff or a single employee has his / her importance in many roles in his / her workplace, which is why many people can’t shape their career into a better one.
By Rekomine we expect people to be able to make their own professions worthy by doing problem solving at their own respective environment or at least at an organization in which they are working. We espect that by Rekomine, an user could build a Personal Brading by using his / her own media, so that he / she will be able to promote him / herself, rather than by just using a single job application paper.

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